The Planning Department assists the Planning Commission in development and land use. All requests for development or rezoning are first reviewed by the City Engineer, City Planner, and staff for compliance with the City’s long-range growth and land use plan. Once the plan's form is accepted by the staff, it is placed on the agenda for the Planning Commission.

The Planning Department maintains records of all approved plans for subdivisions and rezoning. Information concerning the use or proposed use of land within the city limits is available through the Office.

Applying for Zoning Changes or Plat Amendments

  1. Submit PC application by the 3rd Monday of each month by 2 p.m. (Email to:

  2. Certificates of mailing are due 30 days prior to the meeting date. (Email to:

  3. The applicant will attend a mandatory review meeting with the staff.

  4. Posting of signs by the applicant are due 15 days prior to the meeting date. (Email picture to:

  5. PC meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.

  6. Unless a fast-track process is requested and approved by the Commission, each request requires three readings. If a fast-track is granted, each request requires two readings. (Email request to city manager must be made to request fast tract)

  7. The applicant will receive a letter with the results of the request.

  8. The updated plat must be signed off by all parties before the City of Forest Hills will execute the document. Once executed, the applicant must take the plat to Metropolitan Nashville offices for recording.