Permitting Process

Pre-Submittal Conference (Optional)

Applicants can request an optional pre-submittal conference with city staff to review and discuss the project prior to submitting a permit application. Pre-submittal conferences are held on Tuesdays between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm. Please call City Hall to schedule a pre-submittal conference.

Submit Application Online

All permit applications are submitted online via the City’s Permit Database. Please refer to the applicable Application Guide Sheet prior to applying to ensure you have all the required documentation ready for upload. Applications submitted without all required documentation will be denied. Application Guide Sheets can be found in the Permit Database and on the Guides and Regulations page of the website.

Application Review (1-2 business days)

The staff will conduct a cursory review to ensure the application includes all required documentation and to determine if additional review of the City Engineer is required.

Plan Review (3-10 business days)

The staff will complete a plan review to ensure the project meets all bulk standard regulations as defined by the City of Forest Hills Zoning Ordinance and is in compliance with the City of Forest Hills Stormwater Ordinance.

Building Permit Issued and Fees Paid

Once the project has been approved by the review process, applicants will receive an email requesting signatures for the building permit and a separate email detailing permit fees. Fees can be paid online (via the Permit Database or the emailed link) or by check at City Hall. Permits are not valid until all parties have signed the permit and fess are paid.


Permittees are required to have inspections by the City of Forest Hills Building Inspector. The City does not accept third party verifications. To find out more about what inspections are required and how to schedule inspections, visit our Inspections page.

Use & Occupancy Certificate Issued

In order to close out your project, the City must issue a Use & Occupancy Certificate. For more information on how to obtain a Use & Occupancy Certificate, please visit the inspections page.

Want to find out the status of your application or permit? Visit the Permit Database or call City Hall.

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