Applying For a Variance

If the plans do not comply with City ordinances, the homeowner may seek a variance from the Board of Zoning Appeals. Variances may be granted to homeowners in special circumstances where demonstrated hardship is experienced.

Process of Applying for a Variance

  1. Submit BZA application by the 1st Monday of the month by 2 p.m. (Email to:

  2. Posting of signs by applicant due 15 days before meeting date. (photo in yard to

  3. Mandatory review meeting between staff and applicant.

  4. Certificates of mailing proof due 30 days before meeting date. 

  5. (3) sets of paper submittal documents due by 4 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month. (1 week prior to the BZA meeting). If the documents are not received by this time and date, the application will be deferred to the next available date.

*Note*: Documents must be Folded and no larger than half size or 11x17. SWPPP's, Geotech reports, etc. need not be bound. Please provide All Documents that

The applicant wishes the board to consider. The city will not print any items for the applicant.

      6. BZA Meeting on the 2nd Friday at 8 a.m.

      7. Applicant will receive a letter detailing the results of the variance request.

      8. If the variance has been approved, the applicant can submit for a permit.

      9. If you request a deferral, the first deferral will be 60 days (Two meeting dates) and the second deferral will be 90 days (Three meeting dates).