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Record residents recycle at Cleanout

A record 290 vehicles participated in the City’s Spring Recycling Cleanout April 12 as residents recycled five tons of bulk metal and scrap items and three tons of electronics.

Kellytown represents priceless historical treasure for region


This conceptualization by Joe Hodgson of Hodgson and Douglas Landscape Architects provides an idea of how the Kellytown property could be utilized as part of the greenway system. More

Meadow WatchYew

The Eastern Redbud trees along the fence row in Bison Meadow provide an early burst of color to drivers and pedestrians passing the field. MORE



Resident Janie Rowland shared this old photo of her dad taken in the 1920s at the family’s farm on Hillsboro Pike. The hills in the background are the site of Castlewood on the right and Bancroft on the left. More