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Tyne-Trimble sewer project goes through November 2015

The Highway 100 and Tyne Boulevard–Trimble Sewer Rehabilitation, a clean water overflow abatement program administered by Metro Water Services, has begun construction, which is estimated to last until November 2015.

Click here for an earlier letter describing the purpose, scope, and schedule of the project and a map of the rehabilitation area. Please note the contact information provided in the letter should you have any questions.

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Forest Hills officials are Mayor John Lovell, Vice Mayor Lanson Hyde III, and Commissioner Henry Trost.

John C. Lovell is new Forest Hills mayor

Commissioners named John C. Lovell the new Mayor and Lanson Hyde III Vice Mayor at the November 20 Commissioners meeting. Lovell and Henry A. Trost were elected Forest Hills Commissioners on November 4.

The Board of Commissioners will meet at City Hall on Tuesday, November 25, at 8:15 a.m. for a work session.

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