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“We love Forest Hills. It’s so quiet, you can hear acorns fall off the trees.”Name

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meetings SEPT 9 Zoning Appeals 8am
AUG 25 Commissioners 5pm
AUG 25 Planning 5:30pm

City provides free monthly chipper service The City of Forest Hills provides free chipping service and leaf pickup on a monthly basis by The Parke Company, 615-350-6033. SCHEDULE

This service is provided free to residents for normal yard maintenance, not to assist with clearing properties of trees, shrubs, or trash. GUIDELINES


Next Clean Out October 15 Hundreds of Forest Hills residents recycled tons of electronics, scrap metal, donated goods, and more at the City's April Recycle Clean Out.

Blair Myers

Myers finds more space to raise a family More



The partridge pea (Chamaecrista fasciculata) is a legume native to most of the eastern United States. Its slender stems hold small pinnate green leaflets that fold up when touched, giving rise to its nicknames Sleepingplant or Sensitive-plant.

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Newcomers to the City may not realize that Forest Hills was considered way out in the country as late as the 1960s, but Planning Commissioner James Gardner III knows very well what that means. His family bought property in the early ’30s when there was only farmland. Wanting a country place to spend the weekends, his great-grandfather bought 40 acres and built a rustic cabin. Learn More