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“I see a growing desire to live here, because of its proximity to parks and downtown, and excellent schools like Percy Priest Elementary.”Name

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meetings AUG 14 BZA 8am
AUG 20 Commissioners 5pm
AUG 20 Planning 6pm


Record number recycle at spring Clean Out The spring Recycling Clean Out set a record for the most participants . Residents also set a record for most donated goods. Participants recycled over 23,000 pounds of materials including electronics, scrap metal, batteries, and reusable goods. More Next Clean Out: SEPT 19

Summer paving schedule continues Streets to be paved this summer are Cromwell, Robert E. Lee south of Otter Creek, Cherry Blossom Trail, Confederate Drive, General Forrest Court, and East Wilshire Drive. Prep work begins in July and paving should begin by the end of that month.

Jim Littlejohn

Open spaces helped get Jim Littlejohn involved More



Bordering the paths in Bison Meadow are clusters of Torilis arvensis, commonly known as spreading hedgeparsley, or simply hedge parsley. The annual herb grows in a variety conditions and prefers full sun. It is sometimes found growing in soil containing limestone gravel.

The small white flowers sitting atop round slender stalks attract bees, wasps, beetles, and other small insects. Caterpillars of the black swallowtail butterfly feed on its tasty foliage.   Learn More



The ruins of an incredible historic find, a Native American village dating from the mid-1400s, lie just across Old Hickory Boulevard from Forest Hills City Hall. It is the largest late-prehistoric town remaining in Davidson County, and one of the few intact towns of its era in the region. Last year Metro Nashville purchased the property, which will be a Metro park. Learn More



Newcomers to the City may not realize that Forest Hills was considered way out in the country as late as the 1960s, but Planning Commissioner James Gardner III knows very well what that means. His family bought property in the early ’30s when there was only farmland. Wanting a country place to spend the weekends, his great-grandfather bought 40 acres and built a rustic cabin. Learn More