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Update on water services interruption

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The City of Forest Hills has been affected by the interruption of water services caused by a broken pipe near Franklin Pike.

Affected homeowners are asked to only use water for essential needs, such as drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Although a temporary fix is allowing some water to flow, it could be several days before the break is fully repaired. Download mapFull report

FEMA releases preliminary
flood insurance maps

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued a preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map and, where applicable, a Flood Insurance Study reflecting proposed flood hazard determinations in Davidson County.

The Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for a community depicts land which has been determined to be subject to a 1% (100-year) or greater chance of flooding in any given year. The FIRM is used to determine flood insurance rates and required to be used for with floodplain management.

The new FIRM will result in the addition or modification of the following:

  1. Base Flood Elevations and base flood depths
  2. Special flood hazard area boundaries or zone designations
  3. Widening and/or narrowing of the 1% annual chance floodplain
  4. Establishment of a regulatory floodway

Preliminary maps are available here for Otter Creek, Granny White, the Little Harpeth, and Richland Creek.

You will be able to appeal the proposed information. The 90-day period for appeal starts August 1, 2014. All appeals must be filed with the City of Forest Hills. Download appeal criteria

For more information contact the City of Forest Hills at 615-372-8677 or email the City Manager.

City launches Goodwill pickup

Goodwill launches the free Donated Goods Collection Program for the residents of Forest Hills on Monday, August 4 . This program will provide free home pick up service for donations of clothing, furniture, and household items.


To donate, prepare your donations and then contact Goodwill online or by phone to schedule your pickup. Goodwill will confirm the date and time of your scheduled pick up. You will also be provided with a donation receipt for tax purposes. All donations to Goodwill are 100% tax deductible. More information about Goodwill

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