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Pollution Solutions

How to protect our watershed

The City’s hills are part of the headwaters of five different streams. Here’s how you can help keep our watershed clean.

  • Plant a rain garden. Building a rain garden using native trees and grasses lets runoff soak into the ground to alleviate erosion and flooding.
  • Limit fertilizer. Avoid fertilizing your lawn, and choose a non-phosphorous solution to protect waterway nutrients.
  • Service your septic system every three years.
  • Avoid pesticides. Storms can wash them into nearby streams.
  • biological pest control.
  • Pick up pet waste.
  • Buffer streams. Plant native trees and plants to filter stormwater runoff.
  • Use commercial car washes that filter their water.

Stormwater management information is provided as part of the City’s education requirement under its state permit. More tips